Our Bird Neighbors – Duck Hawk

(Falco peregrinus anatum) Called also : PEREGRINE, WANDERING, MOUNTAIN, OR ROCK FALCON ; GREAT-FOOTED HAWK Length—Male, 16 inches ; female, 19 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts dark bluish ash, the edges of feathers paler ; under parts varying from dull tawny to whitish, barred and spotted with black, except on throat and breast. A black […]

Birds – Canvasback

(Aythyra vallisneria.) Called also.. WHITE BACK ; BULL-NECK Length—21 inches ; generally a little larger than the redhead. Male—Head and neck dark reddish brown, almost black on crown and chin. A broad band of black encircles breast and upper back; rest of the back and generally wing coverts silvery gray, almost white, the plumage being […]

Birds – American Golden-eye

(Glaucionetta clangula americana) Called also: WHISTLER; WHISTLE WING; BRASS-EYED WHISTLER; GREAT HEAD; GARROT. Length—17 to 20 inches. Male—Head and short throat dark, glossy green; feathers on the former, puffy; a round white space at base of bill; neck all around, breast, greater part of wings, including speculum and under parts, white; wing linings dusky; rest […]

Birds – Greater Scaup Duck

(Aythyra marila nearctica) Called also : AMERICAN SCAUP ; BROADBILL ; BLACK-HEAD; BLUEBILL; RAFT DUCK; FLOCKING FOWL; SNUFFLER. Length— 17.50 to 20 inches. Male—Black on upper parts, with greenish and purplish reflections on head; lower back and about shoulders waved with black and white; under parts white, with black waving bars on sides of body […]

Birds – Bufflehead

(Charitonetta albeola) Called also: BUTTER-BALL; BUTTER-BOX; SPIRIT DUCK; LITTLE DIPPER; BUFFALO-HEADED DUCK. Length—13.50 to 15 inches. Male—A broad white band running from eye to eye around the nape of neck; rest of head with puffy feathers, and, like those on throat, beautifully glossed with purple, blue, and green iridescence. Other upper parts black; neck all […]

Birds – American Eider

(Somateria dresseri) Called also: SEA DUCK Length—23 inches. Male—Upper parts white, except the crown of head, which is black, with a greenish white line running into it from behind and a greenish tinge on the feathers at sides of back of head. Upper breast white with a reddish blush; lower breast and all under parts, […]

Birds – American Scoter

(Oidemia americana) Called also: BLACK, OR SEA COOT ; BOOBY ; BLACK SCOTER ; BUTTER-BILLED COOT ; BROAD-BILLED COOT. Length—19 to 20 inches. Male—Entire plumage black, more glossy above. Upper half of bill, which is tumid, or bulging, is yellow or orange at the base. Female—Sooty brown above, waved with obscure dusky lines; throat and […]

North American Water Birds – Ruddy Duck

(Erismatura rubida) Called also—SPINE-TAILED DUCK ; SALT WATER TEAL ; DUN BIRD Length—15 to 17 inches. Male—In summer: Crown of head and nape glossy black ; chin and sides of head dull white ; neck all around and upper parts and sides of body rich reddish brown ; lower parts white, with dusky bars ; […]

Birds – American White-fronted Goose

(Anser albifrons gambeli) Called also: LAUGHING GOOSE; SPECKLE-BELLY; GRAY BRANT; PRAIRIE BRANT. Length—27 to 30 inches. Male and Female—Upper part and fore neck brownish gray, the edgings of the feathers lighter; a white band along forehead and base of bill bordered behind by blackish ; lower back, nearest the tail, almost white; wings and tail […]

Birds – Canada Goose

(Branta canadensis) Called also :—WILD GOOSE ; GRAY GOOSE ; HONKER Length—From 1 yard to 43 inches. Male and Female—Head and neck black, a broad white band running from eye to eye under the head ; mantle over back and wings grayish brown, the edges of feathers lightest ; breast gray, fading to soiled white […]