Our Bird Neighbors – Duck Hawk

(Falco peregrinus anatum) Called also : PEREGRINE, WANDERING, MOUNTAIN, OR ROCK FALCON ; GREAT-FOOTED HAWK Length—Male, 16 inches ; female, 19 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts dark bluish ash, the edges of feathers paler ; under parts varying from dull tawny to whitish, barred and spotted with black, except on throat and breast. A black […]

Birds – Canada Goose

(Branta canadensis) Called also :—WILD GOOSE ; GRAY GOOSE ; HONKER Length—From 1 yard to 43 inches. Male and Female—Head and neck black, a broad white band running from eye to eye under the head ; mantle over back and wings grayish brown, the edges of feathers lightest ; breast gray, fading to soiled white […]

Birds – Brant

(Branta hernicla) Called also: BRENT; BRANT GOOSE; AND BARNACLE GOOSE Length—26 inches. Male and Female—Head, neck, throat, and upper breast and shoulders blackish, with a small patch of white streaks on either side of neck, sometimes also on chin and lower eyelid; back brownish gray, the feathers margined with ashy; lower breast ashy gray, ending […]

North American Birds – Whistling Swan

(Olor columbianus) Called also : AMERICAN SWAN Length—55 inches, or a little under 5 feet. Male and Female—Entire plumage white; usually a yellow spot between the ‘eyes and nostrils, but sometimes wanting; bill, legs, and feet black. Immature birds have some brownish and grayish washings on parts of their plumage. Range—North America, nesting about the […]

Birds – Snow Goose

(Chen hyperborea nivalis) Called also . WHITE BRANT ; WAVEY ; BLUE-WINGED GOOSE Length—27 to 35 inches. Male and Female—Entire plumage white, except the ends of wings, which are blackish, and the wing coverts, which are grayish ; bill carmine ; legs dull red. Immature birds have feathers of upper parts grayish with white edges. […]

Our Bird Neighbors – Old Squaw

(Clangula hyemalis) Called also: OLD WIFE; SOUTH-SOUTHERLY; LONG-TAILED DUCK; OLD INJUN; SCOLDER; OLD MOLLY; OLD BILLY; COCKAWEE Length—Variable, according to development of tail—18 to 23 inches. Male—In winter: Blackish on back, breast, and tail, whose four middle feathers are long and narrow; sides of the head grayish brown; rest of head, neck all around, upper […]

Birds – Canvasback

(Aythyra vallisneria.) Called also.. WHITE BACK ; BULL-NECK Length—21 inches ; generally a little larger than the redhead. Male—Head and neck dark reddish brown, almost black on crown and chin. A broad band of black encircles breast and upper back; rest of the back and generally wing coverts silvery gray, almost white, the plumage being […]

Birds – American Golden-eye

(Glaucionetta clangula americana) Called also: WHISTLER; WHISTLE WING; BRASS-EYED WHISTLER; GREAT HEAD; GARROT. Length—17 to 20 inches. Male—Head and short throat dark, glossy green; feathers on the former, puffy; a round white space at base of bill; neck all around, breast, greater part of wings, including speculum and under parts, white; wing linings dusky; rest […]

Birds – Greater Scaup Duck

(Aythyra marila nearctica) Called also : AMERICAN SCAUP ; BROADBILL ; BLACK-HEAD; BLUEBILL; RAFT DUCK; FLOCKING FOWL; SNUFFLER. Length— 17.50 to 20 inches. Male—Black on upper parts, with greenish and purplish reflections on head; lower back and about shoulders waved with black and white; under parts white, with black waving bars on sides of body […]

Birds – Bufflehead

(Charitonetta albeola) Called also: BUTTER-BALL; BUTTER-BOX; SPIRIT DUCK; LITTLE DIPPER; BUFFALO-HEADED DUCK. Length—13.50 to 15 inches. Male—A broad white band running from eye to eye around the nape of neck; rest of head with puffy feathers, and, like those on throat, beautifully glossed with purple, blue, and green iridescence. Other upper parts black; neck all […]