Birds – American Osprey

(Pandion haliaetus carolinensis) Called also : FISH HAWK Length—Male 2 feet, or a trifle less; female larger. Male and Female—Upper parts dusky brown, the feathers edged with white as a bird grows old; head and nape varied with white and a dark stripe on side of head; under parts white; the breast of male sometimes […]

Birds – Solitary Sandpiper

(Totanus solitarius) Called also: GREEN SANDPIPER ; SOLITARY, or WOOD TATTLER Length—8 to 9 inches. Male and Female—In summer: Upper parts dingy olive with a greenish tinge, streaked on the head and neck, and finely spotted on the back with white; tail regularly barred with black and white, the white prevailing on the outer feathers; […]

Birds – Spotted Sandpiper

(Actitis macularia) Called also: TEETER; TILT-UP; SAND LARK; PEET-WEET; TEETER-TAIL Length—7.50 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts an olive ashen color, iridescent, and spotted and streaked with black; line over eye and under parts white, the latter plentifully spotted with round black dots large and small, but larger and closer on the male than on the […]

Birds – Long Billed Curlew

(Numenius longirostris) Called also: SICKLE-BILL; SABRE-BILL; SPANISH CURLEW; BUZZARD CURLEW Length—24 inches; bill of extreme length, about 6 inches, sometimes 8 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts buff or pale rufous and black; the head and neck streaked; the back, wings, and tail barred or mottled with cinnamon, buff, and blackish; under parts buff; the breast […]

Birds – Wilson’s Plover

(AEgialitis wilsonia) Length—7.50 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts ashy brown, tinged on nape and sides of head with chestnut ; forehead and under parts white, the white of throat passing around like a collar, and the white of forehead running backward in a line over each eye to nape; lores, front of crown, and a […]

Birds – Semipalmated Plover

(AEgialitis semipalmata) Called also : RING-NECKED OR RING PLOVER Length-6.75 to 7 inches. A trifle larger than the English sparrow. Male and Female—Upper parts brownish gray; front of crown, band across base of bill, sides of head below eye, and band on breast, that almost encircles the neck, black; forehead, throat, ring around neck, parts […]

Birds – Bartramian Sandpiper

(Bartramia longicauda) Called also : UPLAND, or FIELD, or GRASS, or HIGHLAND PLOVER; BARTRAM’S TATTLER; PRAIRIE PIGEON; PRAIRIE SNIPE; QUAILY Length—11.50 to 12.75 inches; usually just a foot long. Male and Female—Upper parts blackish varied with buff, brown, and gray; the head and neck black streaked with buff, and a buff stripe through the eye; […]

Birds – Wilson’s Snipe

(Gallinago delicata) Called also: “ENGLISH ” SNIPE; COMMON SNIPE; JACK SNIPE; AMERICAN SNIPE; SHAD BIRD. Length—10.50 to 11.50 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts varied with black, brown, and buff; crown dusky, with buff stripe; throat white; neck and breast buff, streaked with dusky; underneath white, the sides with blackish bars. Outer feather of wings white; […]

Birds – Turnstone

(Arenaria interpres) Called also:—BRANT BIRD ; CALICO BACK ; CHECKERED SNIPE ; HORSEFOOT SNIPE ; HEART BIRD ; CHICKEN PLOVER ; RED-LEGGED PLOVER Length—8.50 to 9.50 inches. A little smaller than a robin. Male and Female—In summer: Upper parts strangely variegated and patched with chestnut, black, brown, and white; base of tail white, the tail […]

Birds – Stilt Sandpiper

(Micropalama himantopus) Called also : LONG-LEGGED SANDPIPER. Length—About 9 inches. Male and Female: In Summer—Feathers on upper parts blackish, each bordered with gray or buff or tawny, the markings scalloped on the shoulders; wings darker; ears, and an indistinct line around back of head, rusty red; lower back ashy; upper tail coverts white with dusky […]