Birds – American Osprey

(Pandion haliaetus carolinensis) Called also : FISH HAWK Length—Male 2 feet, or a trifle less; female larger. Male and Female—Upper parts dusky brown, the feathers edged with white as a bird grows old; head and nape varied with white and a dark stripe on side of head; under parts white; the breast of male sometimes […]

Birds – Bartramian Sandpiper

(Bartramia longicauda) Called also : UPLAND, or FIELD, or GRASS, or HIGHLAND PLOVER; BARTRAM’S TATTLER; PRAIRIE PIGEON; PRAIRIE SNIPE; QUAILY Length—11.50 to 12.75 inches; usually just a foot long. Male and Female—Upper parts blackish varied with buff, brown, and gray; the head and neck black streaked with buff, and a buff stripe through the eye; […]

Birds – Wilson’s Snipe

(Gallinago delicata) Called also: “ENGLISH ” SNIPE; COMMON SNIPE; JACK SNIPE; AMERICAN SNIPE; SHAD BIRD. Length—10.50 to 11.50 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts varied with black, brown, and buff; crown dusky, with buff stripe; throat white; neck and breast buff, streaked with dusky; underneath white, the sides with blackish bars. Outer feather of wings white; […]

Birds – Turnstone

(Arenaria interpres) Called also:—BRANT BIRD ; CALICO BACK ; CHECKERED SNIPE ; HORSEFOOT SNIPE ; HEART BIRD ; CHICKEN PLOVER ; RED-LEGGED PLOVER Length—8.50 to 9.50 inches. A little smaller than a robin. Male and Female—In summer: Upper parts strangely variegated and patched with chestnut, black, brown, and white; base of tail white, the tail […]

Birds – Stilt Sandpiper

(Micropalama himantopus) Called also : LONG-LEGGED SANDPIPER. Length—About 9 inches. Male and Female: In Summer—Feathers on upper parts blackish, each bordered with gray or buff or tawny, the markings scalloped on the shoulders; wings darker; ears, and an indistinct line around back of head, rusty red; lower back ashy; upper tail coverts white with dusky […]

Birds – American Oyster Catcher

(Haematopus palliatus) Called also: BROWN-BACKED OYSTER-CATCHER; FLOOD GULL Length—17 to 21 inches. Male and Female—Head, neck, and upper breast black; back and wings dark olive brown; greater wing coverts, base of secondaries, sides of lower back, upper tail coverts, base of tail, and all under parts, white. Bill coral red, twice as long as head, […]

Birds – Red Backed Sandpiper

(Tringa alpina pacifica) Called also DUNLIN; BLACK-BELLIED SANDPIPER; BLACK BREAST; PURRE; FALL OR WINTER SNIPE; LEAD-BACK; BRANT SNIPE; STIB; OX-BIRD Length—8 to 9 inches. Male and Female—In summer: Chestnut red streaked with black above, many feathers tipped with white; lower back and upper tail coverts blackish; wing coverts and tail feathers brownish gray; breast whitish […]

Birds – Least Sandpiper

(Tringa minutilla) Called also: PEEP; MEADOW OX-EYE; STINT; WILSON’S STINT; SANDPEEP Length—6 inches. Smallest of our sandpipers. Male and Female—In summer: Upper parts dingy brown, the feathers edged with chestnut or buff; the lower back and upper tail coverts plain black, like the central tail feathers; outer tail feathers ashy gray. Line over eye, throat, […]

Our Bird Neighbors – Sanderling

(Calidris arenaria) Called also: SURF SNIPE; RUDDY PLOVER; BEACH BIRD Length—7 to 8 inches. Male and Female—In summer : Upper parts varied blackish brown, reddish chestnut, and grayish white, most feathers tipped with the latter; wing coverts ashy brown, broadly tipped with white, making a bar across wings; tail brownish gray, margined with white, the […]

Birds – Marbled Godwit

(Limosa fedoa) Called also: MARLIN; BROWN MARLIN; STRAIGHT-BILLED CURLEW; RED CURLEW; GREAT MARBLED GOD-WIT; DOE-BIRD Length—16 to 22 inches; largest of the shore birds except the long-billed curlew. Male and Female—General impression of plumage pale, dull chestnut red barred and varied with black. Head and neck pale buff streaked with black; entire upper parts reddish […]