Birds – Saw Whet Owl

(Nyctala acadia) Called also: ACADIAN OWL Length-7.50 to 8 inches; smallest of the eastern owls. Male and Female—Upper parts dark reddish brown, the head streaked, the back and wings spotted with light brown and white; under parts white, heavily streaked with dark rusty brown; tail with three or four broken white bars; facial disk almost […]

Birds – Screech Owl

(Megascops asio) Called also: MOTTLED OWL; RED OWL; LITTLE HORNED OWL Length-8.50 to 9.50 inches. Male and Female—Brownish red phase: Upper parts rusty red, finely streaked with blackish brown and mottled with light brown; under parts whitish or buff, the feathers centrally streaked with black and with irregular rusty bars. Eyes yellow; legs and feet […]

Birds – Great Horned Owl

(Bubo virginianus) Called also: HOOT OWL; CAT OWL Length—Male 19 to 23 inches; female 21 to 26 inches. Male and Female—Long ear tufts; upper parts variegated brown, tawny, pale buff, and white; facial disk buff; eyes yellow; throat white; under parts buff or whitish, finely barred with black; legs and feet feathered. Range—Eastern North America, […]

Birds – Snowy Owl

(Nyctea nyctea) Length—About 2 feet. Male and Female—White, more or less barred or spotted with dusky; some specimens almost entirely white, the female usually the more heavily barred; the face, throat, and feet being in all birds the whitest parts; legs and feet thickly feathered; iris yellow; bill and claws black; no ear tufts. Range—” […]

Birds – Barred Owl

(Syrnium nebulosum) Called also: HOOT OWL ; WOOD OWL Length—18 to 20 inches ; female the larger. Male and Female—Upper parts grayish brown, each feather with two or three white or buff bars ; facial disk gray, finely barred or mottled with dusky; eyes bluish black, and bill yellow; under parts white washed with buff; […]

Birds – Broad Winged Hawk

(Buteo latissimus) Length—Male 14 inches; female 16 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts dusky grayish brown more or less bordered with rusty and buff; blackish tail with two bars and the tip grayish white; three outer primaries of wings notched; under parts heavily barred with white or buff and dull chestnut brown, the dark in excess […]

Our Bird Neighbors – Golden Eagle

(Aquila chrysaetos) Called also: RING-TAILED EAGLE; MOUNTAIN EAGLE; WAR EAGLE Length—Male 3o to 35 inches; female 5 inches longer. Male and Female—Back of the head and nape pale yellow; lower two-thirds of tail white, leaving a broad, dark band across end; legs entirely feathered with white; rest of plumage dusky brown. Immature birds are similar, […]

Birds – Sharp Shinned Hawk

(Accipiter velox) Called also: PIGEON HAWK; LITTLE BLUE DARTER Length—Male 10 to 12 inches; female 12 to 14 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts slaty gray. Tail, which is about 3 inches longer than tips of wings and nearly square, is ashy gray, barred with blackish, and with a whitish tip; throat white, streaked with blackish. […]

Birds – North American Bald Eagle

Called also: WHITE-HEADED EAGLE; WASHINGTON EAGLE; AMERICAN EAGLE; BALD SEA EAGLE. Length—Male 30 to 33 inches; female 35 to 40 inches. Male and Female—Head, neck, and tail white; after third year rest of plumage dusky brown, the feathers paler on edges; bill and feet yellow; legs bare of feathers. Immature birds are almost black the […]

Our Bird Neighbors – Mourning Dove

(Zenaidura maaroura) Called also: CAROLINA DOVE ; TURTLE DOVE Length—12 to 13 inches. Male—Grayish brown or fawn color above, varying to bluish gray. Crown and upper part of head greenish blue, with green and golden metallic reflections on sides of neck. A black spot under each ear. Forehead and breast reddish buff ; lighter underneath. […]