Birds – Barred Owl

(Syrnium nebulosum) Called also: HOOT OWL ; WOOD OWL Length—18 to 20 inches ; female the larger. Male and Female—Upper parts grayish brown, each feather with two or three white or buff bars ; facial disk gray, finely barred or mottled with dusky; eyes bluish black, and bill yellow; under parts white washed with buff; […]

Birds – Saw Whet Owl

(Nyctala acadia) Called also: ACADIAN OWL Length-7.50 to 8 inches; smallest of the eastern owls. Male and Female—Upper parts dark reddish brown, the head streaked, the back and wings spotted with light brown and white; under parts white, heavily streaked with dark rusty brown; tail with three or four broken white bars; facial disk almost […]

Birds – Screech Owl

(Megascops asio) Called also: MOTTLED OWL; RED OWL; LITTLE HORNED OWL Length-8.50 to 9.50 inches. Male and Female—Brownish red phase: Upper parts rusty red, finely streaked with blackish brown and mottled with light brown; under parts whitish or buff, the feathers centrally streaked with black and with irregular rusty bars. Eyes yellow; legs and feet […]

Birds – Great Horned Owl

(Bubo virginianus) Called also: HOOT OWL; CAT OWL Length—Male 19 to 23 inches; female 21 to 26 inches. Male and Female—Long ear tufts; upper parts variegated brown, tawny, pale buff, and white; facial disk buff; eyes yellow; throat white; under parts buff or whitish, finely barred with black; legs and feet feathered. Range—Eastern North America, […]

Birds – Snowy Owl

(Nyctea nyctea) Length—About 2 feet. Male and Female—White, more or less barred or spotted with dusky; some specimens almost entirely white, the female usually the more heavily barred; the face, throat, and feet being in all birds the whitest parts; legs and feet thickly feathered; iris yellow; bill and claws black; no ear tufts. Range—” […]

Birds – Prairie Sharp Tailed Grouse

(Pediocaetes phasianellus campestris) Called also: PIN-TAILED GROUSE ; SPECKLED OR WHITE BELLY; WILLOW GROUSE ; PRAIRIE CHICKEN; SPIKE-TAIL Length— 7.50 to 20 inches. Male and Female—Upper parts yellowish buff, irregularly barred and blotched with black; the shoulders streaked and the tips of wing coverts conspicuously spotted with white; crown and back of neck more finely […]

Birds – Passenger Pigeon

(Ectopistes migratorius) Called also : WILD PIGEON Length—16 to 25 inches. Male—Upper parts bluish slate shaded with olive gray on back and shoulders, and with metallic violet, gold, and greenish reflections on back and sides of head ; the wing coverts with velvety black spots; throat bluish slate, quickly shading into a rich reddish buff […]

Birds – Sage Grouse

(Centrocercus urophasianus) Called also : SAGE COCK; COCK OF THE PLAINS Length—20 to 32 inches; largest of the grouse. Male—Upper parts ashy gray barred with brown, black, and darker gray; some white streaks on wings; tail of twenty stiff feathers graduated to a threadlike point, the central ones like back, the outer ones black and […]

Birds – American Sparrow Hawk

(Falco sparverius) Called also: RUSTY CROWNED FALCON; AMERICAN KESTREL; MOUSE HAWK; KILLY HAWK Length—10 to 11 inches. Sexes the same size. Male—Top of head slaty blue, generally with a reddish spot on crown, and several black patches on sides and nape; back rufous, with a few black spots or none; wing coverts ashy blue with […]

Birds – Wild Turkey

Length—About four feet; largest of the game birds. Male—Head and upper neck naked ; plumage with metallic bronze, copper, and green reflections, the feathers tipped with black; secondaries green barred with whitish, the primaries black barred with white. (The wild turkey to be distinguished from the domestic bird chiefly by the chestnut, instead of white, […]