Birds – Saw Whet Owl

(Nyctala acadia) Called also: ACADIAN OWL Length-7.50 to 8 inches; smallest of the eastern owls. Male and Female—Upper parts dark reddish brown, the head streaked, the back and wings spotted with light brown and white; under parts white, heavily streaked with dark rusty brown; tail with three or four broken white bars; facial disk almost […]

Birds – Screech Owl

(Megascops asio) Called also: MOTTLED OWL; RED OWL; LITTLE HORNED OWL Length-8.50 to 9.50 inches. Male and Female—Brownish red phase: Upper parts rusty red, finely streaked with blackish brown and mottled with light brown; under parts whitish or buff, the feathers centrally streaked with black and with irregular rusty bars. Eyes yellow; legs and feet […]

Birds – Great Horned Owl

(Bubo virginianus) Called also: HOOT OWL; CAT OWL Length—Male 19 to 23 inches; female 21 to 26 inches. Male and Female—Long ear tufts; upper parts variegated brown, tawny, pale buff, and white; facial disk buff; eyes yellow; throat white; under parts buff or whitish, finely barred with black; legs and feet feathered. Range—Eastern North America, […]

Birds – Snowy Owl

(Nyctea nyctea) Length—About 2 feet. Male and Female—White, more or less barred or spotted with dusky; some specimens almost entirely white, the female usually the more heavily barred; the face, throat, and feet being in all birds the whitest parts; legs and feet thickly feathered; iris yellow; bill and claws black; no ear tufts. Range—” […]

Birds – Barred Owl

(Syrnium nebulosum) Called also: HOOT OWL ; WOOD OWL Length—18 to 20 inches ; female the larger. Male and Female—Upper parts grayish brown, each feather with two or three white or buff bars ; facial disk gray, finely barred or mottled with dusky; eyes bluish black, and bill yellow; under parts white washed with buff; […]

Birds – Turkey Vulture

(Cathartes aura) Called also: TURKEY BUZZARD Length—30 inches; wing spread about 6 feet. Male and Female —Blackish brown; wing coverts and linings grayish; head and neck naked and red, from livid crimson to pale cinnamon, and usually with white specks; base of bill red, and end dead white; feet flesh colored. Head of female covered […]

Birds – American Barn Owl

(Strix pratincola) Called also: MONKEY FACED OWL Length—15 to 18 inches: female the larger. Male and Female—Upper parts mottled gray and buff finely speckled with black and white; heart-shaped facial disks and under parts whitish or buff, the latter with small round black spots; tail white or buff, mottled with black, and sometimes with three […]

Our Bird Neighbors – Black Vulture

(Catharista atrata) Called also : CARRION CROW Length—About 24 inches. Wing spread over four feet. Male and Female—Dull black ; under part of point of wings silvery gray ; head, neck, and base of bill dusky ; tip of bill and feet flesh colored or grayish; head and neck bare. Range—Common in South Atlantic and […]

Birds – Canada Grouse

(Dendragapus canadensis) Called also. SPRUCE, WOOD, AND SPOTTED GROUSE ; BLACK, SWAMP, AND SPRUCE PARTRIDGE ; BLACK-SPOTTED HEATH COCK. Length—14 to 15 inches. Male—Upper parts ashy waved with black, gray, and grayish-brown. A few white streaks on shoulders; tail black, slightly rounded, and tipped with orange-brown; under parts black and white, the black throat divided […]

Birds – Swallow Tailed Kite

(Elanoides forficatus) Called also: FORK-TAILED KITE ; SNAKE HAWK. Length—About 24 inches, or according to development of tail. Wing spread about 4 feet. Male and Female—Head, neck, under parts, including wing linings, band across lower back, snow white ; rest of plum-age glossy black, showing violet and green reflections. Bill bluish black; feet and very […]