Birds – The Frigate

Sharing the tropical oceans with the Tropic-birds are the so-called Frigate-birds or Man-o’-war Birds, of which three forms only are known. They are very powerful flying birds from thirty to forty inches in length, remarkable at once for the extremely short tarsus, greatly elongated wings, and a long, deeply forked swallow-like tail. In the mature […]

Birds – The Tropic Birds

The Tropic-birds, or “boatswains,” as they are often called by the sailors, number six or seven forms, some of which are occasionally found in the United States. They have a compressed, pointed, and slightly curved bill, with the cutting edges of the mandibles serrated. In color the bill is yellow, orange, or coral-red, the wings […]

Birds – The Tropical Goshawks

The subfamily Micrasturine comprises only the genus Micrastur with about eight species which range quite widely over Central America and northern South America. In addition to the characters already mentioned (p. 212), the Micrasturince have the tomia without tooth or notch, the sternum with a pair of large oval foramina in the posterior margin as […]