Birds – The White Spoon-bill

(Platalea leucorodia) is a slightly larger bird than the American species, and, with the exception of a band of cinnamon-buff on the fore neck, is pure white throughout, with a large nuchal crest of drooping, pointed plumes. It is found throughout central and southern Europe, thence east to central Asia and China, and south to northern Africa and India. It is said to breed among reeds in marshes after the manner of certain Cormorants. The other species of the genus are the Black-billed Spoon-bill (P. regia) of Australia and the Moluccas, the African Spoon-bill (P. alba) of tropical Africa and Madagascar, and the Lesser Spoon-bill (P. minor) of japan and China.

The Yellow-legged Spoon-bill (Platibis flavipes) is confined to Australia, and is a large bird, mainly white above and below, but with the fore neck straw-colored, and the forehead, upper throat, and bill yellow.