Birds – Steller’s Sea Eagle

(Thalassoaëtus Pelagicus), which occurs in Kamchatka in summer and Japan in winter, is another giant species which is referred by some to the preceding genus, and by others placed in a genus by itself, differing, among other characters, hi having a wedge-shaped tail of fourteen instead of twelve feathers and’ an enormous bill. The plumage of the adult is brownish throughout, with the wing-coverts, rump, tail, and tail-coverts pure white, while the young are nearly brown throughout, only the tail being white. The full-grown bird is about forty-one inches long. The Korean Sea Eagle (T. Branicki), a native mainly of Korea, is also a very large bird. It is a uniform slaty black, without white on any part of the body, and in correspondence with its gigantic size has a very loud, penetrating cry.