Birds – Peale’s Falcon

Peale’s Falcon is found on the Aleutian Islands, from which point it extends west to the Commander Islands and south along the Pacific coast to Oregon. It differs from the two other forms in having the general coloration very much darker, and the chest heavily spotted with blackish. Its habits are similar to those of the other forms. In Chile and the Falkland Islands is found another ally of the Peregrine, namely, Cassin’s Falcon (F. Cassini), while in the Old World there are also a number of related species, among them being the Lesser Falcon (F. Minor) of northeast Africa, which straggles as far south as the Cape, the Shahin Falcon (F. Peregrinator) of the Indian peninsula, and the Black-cheeked Falcon (F. melanogenys) of Australia, so called from the deep brownish black of the head, cheeks, and the back of the neck. This species, according to Gould, has the same courage and activity of its relatives [n other parts of the world, being able to capture the White-eyed Duck, a bird twice its own weight. It nests in steep, rocky cliffs, laying but two eggs. The Hobby (F. Subbuteo) of northern Europe and Asia is a bird which appears like a Lesser Peregrine, but has a softer plumage. It feeds largely upon dragon-flies and other insects, as well as the smaller birds.