Birds – Laro—limicolae


(Suborder Limicolce)

This is a group of large size and very wide distribution, its members, as already suggested, being disposed among six families. They agree among themselves in having the slit (schizognathous) form of the palate, and, with the exception of the Thick-knees and certain Coursers (Pluvianus), with slit-like (schizorhinal) nostrils, while the oil-gland is tufted and the aftershaft present in the contour feathers. Another character of agreement is found in the spinal feather tract, this being forked on the body, while in all the toes are only partially or not at all webbed. The nests are placed on the ground, and the young are able to run about a few hours after birth, being then covered with a close and fluffy down. The first family to be considered includes the typical representatives, viz.: