Birds – Jabirus

Allied to the Adjutants is the Jabiru (Mycteria Americana) of continental tropical America, but also coming as far north as Texas. It is the largest of the American Storks, standing nearly five feet high, and has the entire plumage pure white, with the head and six inches of the neck covered with naked black skin, from which arise two scarlet bands of loose skin which extend down to. the chest. ” When the bird is wounded or enraged, this loose red skin is said to swell out like a bladder, changing to an intensely fiery scarlet hue.” It is said to nest on high trees, and to lay blue-green eggs.

Close to the last-mentioned species are two Old World forms that we have space to hardly more than mention. These are the Saddle-billed Stork, or Jabiru (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis), of tropical Africa, which is characterized by a saddle-shaped black space in the middle of an otherwise scarlet bill, and the Black-necked Jabiru ( Xenorhynchus asiaticus), of northern Australia, New Guinea, and the Indian and Malayan peninsulas. It is similar to the other, but is without the “saddle” across the bill.