Birds – Glossy Ibis

The only other species we shall have space to mention is the Glossy Ibis (Plegadis autumnalis) and its closely related forms. This bird, found throughout the warmer parts of the Eastern Hemisphere and the southern portions of the eastern United States and the West Indies, is about twenty-four inches in length, and has the neck, back, lesser wing-coverts, and under parts a rich chestnut color. The feathers about the base of the bill are blackish, the bill blackish, and the legs greenish or dusky, points which distinguish it from the White-faced Glossy Ibis (P. guarauna), in which these feathers are white, the bill dusky red, and legs dull lake-red. This latter species is found throughout tropical America in general and western North America. The eggs of these species are a plain greenish blue, but their habits are otherwise similar to those of the other species described.