Birds – Carrion Buzzards

The second subfamily, embracing the so-called Carrion Buzzards (Polyborince), is less numerous in genera and species than is the last, and may be known by having three or more of the outer primaries with their inner webs cut, with an oblique sinuation near the middle, while the third or fourth quills are longest and the first shorter than the fifth. Of the more technical characters it is unnecessary to speak, beyond the statement that the cutting edge of the upper mandible is without a distinct tooth or notch, the sides of the face are for the most part bare, and the toes connected by an inter digital membrane near their bases.

The Carrion Buzzards are all natives of the New World and are disposed in three genera and about a dozen species, only two of which reach the United States. They all have rather long legs, the members of two genera being chiefly terrestrial whereas the other (Ibycter) is entirely arboreal.