Birds – American Partridges And Quails

The second of the minor groups into which the subfamily Tetraonince may be separated is characterized by having the tarsi and nostrils entirely naked, as well as by the absence of pectinations on the sides of the toes and the generally smaller size. Among themselves they are also divisible into two groups, in the first of which, including the American Partridges and Quails (Odontophorince), the cutting edge of the lower mandible is more or less serrated, while in the other (Perdicince), which embraces the Old World Partridges, Francolins, and Quails, the lower mandible is without the serrations. The latter group, as will be shown later, exhibits more or less of a transition to the Pheasants, and by some is even placed with them in the subfamily Phasianince.