Bird Study – Bird Books

There are a number of inexpensive books which contain illustrations of birds in natural colors. One of these will be of the greatest aid to the beginner in bird study. Among the most useful are the Reed’s, ” Bird Guides,” one covering the birds of the eastern and the other those of the western part of the United States. The pictures alone will be of great use in learning the names of feathered neighbors, while an intelligent study of the text will re-veal the identity of many others.

Local lists of such birds as are found in a neighborhood, or a county, are always a great aid in determining, with a fair degree of accuracy, just what species may or may not be expected to appear in a given locality. Such lists are usually first published in The Auk, The Condor, or other ornithological publications, and in many cases are printed and distributed later as separate pamphlets.

There have been published also many State lists of birds, usually accompanied by detailed information regarding abundance and distribution of all the species known to occur in the State. Every bird student should, if possible, get a copy of his own State bird book. Any reader who may wish to learn if such a list of the birds of his neighborhood or State has been published is at liberty to address the question to the author of this book.