Bird Protection In Schools

Values of Bird-study.— The values of bird-study in its influence on child-life are many. It has a practical value in showing the great economic service which birds render man, as a result of which knowledge the child will become a more serviceable citizen it has a training-value in teaching the child to become an accurate […]

Attracting Birds – Planting Trees, Shrubs, And Vines

FOR one who owns a farm, or a place with fair-sized grounds, on which he expects to live for a number of years, perhaps no greater returns in bird-life will be given than from a proper planting of trees, shrubs, and vines. A treeless and shrubless locality means a more or less birdless locality. These […]

Birds – Drinking And Bathing Fountains

Need of Water. — Water in large quantities is a necessity for bird life. Especially during hot weather do the birds require a large and constant supply, at a time when frequently the small pools or other common sources of supply may be entirely dry. In winter, snow may serve as a substitute; and in […]

Bird Feeding – Method Of Putting Out Food

On Tree-trunks. — There is a great variety of ways in which the food may be put out, depending upon the kind of food and the habits of the bird it is desired to attract. Pieces of suet may simply be nailed to tree-trunks, but as this is easily broken off and lost, it is […]

Attracting The Winter Birds

IN making plans for attracting the winter birds, one needs to consider four things : the kinds of food to be used ; methods of exposing it ; means of shelter from the severity of the weather ; and the protection of the birds from their enemies. A study of the habits of the birds […]

Feeding Young Birds

Many opportunities will occur in which some care must be given to young birds just out of the nest, either to protect them from cats or to furnish them with food. Occasionally wounded birds will be found, or nestlings forsaken by their parents, in which case it will be necessary to take entire care of […]

Birds Around Buildings

In addition to those birds which nest in closed houses, there are some others for which inducements may be held out to nest around buildings. Robins. — For robins shallow trays may be placed in suitable locations. Mrs. M. O. Wright, in ” Bird-Lore,” writes : ” Three years ago I tried the experiment of […]

Bird Nesting Houses

Adaptability of Birds. — Many birds have adapted their nesting-habits, in part, at least, to the changed conditions brought about through man’s agency, where the changes have not been of too radical a nature. And some, indeed, seem to prefer these new conditions to the original ones; chimney swifts have changed their nesting-sites from caves […]

Bird Photography

THE purpose of this chapter is to call the attention of the reader to the splendid opportunity offered for taking pictures of those birds which may be attracted around our homes, and to give a few general suggestions regarding the equipment needed and the method of using it. No attempt will be made to treat […]

Need And Value Of Attracting Birds

THE reasons for attracting birds around our homes are twofold : first, the protection of the birds, and second, the resulting benefits that accrue to man, both on account of the great economic value of these birds to the farmer in his struggle with injurious insects, and also on account of the pleasure derived in […]